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Boris, I've just read your five bullet points about what would-be investors should do and they all seem reasonable enough. Now, I'm entirely out of my league on this topic, let me say that first, but as someone who will be riding the Chinese-built Tazara railroad from Dar to Lusaka in March, I'm an interested party.

I understand you think the Blinken US investment strategy is just boilerplate, fair enough, and I think you're arguing a little over my head here on business procedures, but are you suggesting the US should guarantee companies' investments, maybe underwrite their insurance? When you say U.S. companies will need to do far more extensive transactional diligence than they otherwise would, is that not a cost of doing business American style, or are you advocating the govt be somehow involved?

I don't understand the fifth bullet point but I'd like to. Is holding part of the acquisition or investment price in escrow a deal breaker because the Chinese model doesn't? But then in the end, if Chinese govt/banks come in and take over, for example, the Hambantota port, isn't that kind of a deal breaker for doing future business with China?

All right, you can see I'm not smart enough to discuss this really, but I'm interested to learn. Thanks.

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